Frequently Asked Questions

1, how to identify whether your product is purchased Leten official authentic?

A: There are on the product box a security patch, can be directly scratch has security code, visit the official website directly enter the security code verification, suggesting that "your request products are produced in Hong Kong Leten Matheson Limited Leten genuine brand products, please be assured !  "It means the product is genuine; or dial the security hotline 4000-128-315 ; on the part of the product packaging using a two-dimensional code labels, scratch visible complete two-dimensional code, using a mobile phone scanning it to verify; receive the same prompt, the product is Leten genuine .

2, attention of daily use

A: When you use it please use some water-soluble lubricant, such as Leten run extremely water-soluble lubricant. Hand cream or a silicon-soluble lubricant may permanently damage massager silica gel. Make sure to use massage oil carefully cleaned after use. Such products are not toys for children, away from the place of children's reach. If you are pregnant, please consult a physician before using. If you see the external silicon layer has been damaged, do not use this product. Note: This product is personal hygiene items, please do not use the product to others.?

3, how to clean, store it safely?

A: cleaning products before and after the using. The most effective way is use special adult cleansers sterilized. You can also use warm water and antibacterial soap, wash, then rinse with clean water (do not use the temperature exceeds 80 degrees of hot water). Finally, dry towel and gently pat until completely dry. Do not use alcohol, petrol or acetone cleaner. Do not direct sunlight. Also avoid massager directly exposed to high temperatures. Keep the massager clean and dry environment, and stored separately from other materials products.

4, scrap and recycling:

A: Waste and recycling electronic products (for garbage collection systems European Union and other European countries) “ X” Icon  trash can indicates that the product after the abandonment shall be deemed scrapped electrical and electronic equipment  ,should be send to related  Recycle Bin, does not apply to ordinary waste treatment.

5, buy sex toys Precautions:

5.1 focus on material      When purchase of adult sex toys, because of the products to be in direct contact with the skin, if the material does not comply with relevant national safety standards, then the body will have some damage, improper selection of materials, but also cause some security risks . So, pay attention to buy the material is adult sex toys basic conditions.
     5.2 Suitable for yourself Generally, adult sex toys will have some models at the time of purchase, should give full attention to the product's model is right for you, do not blindly pursue the excitement of the experience, or is likely to cause damage, can not be met with you.
    5.3 can be cleaned Due to direct contact with the skin, you can be the best choice for cleaning products, so cleaning before and after use, to ensure a clean and sanitary private parts.
     5.4 brand guarantee Choose a regular enterprise products, focusing on brand and quality, in order to choose a more suitable for their own sex toys.

6, Solution for general failure

6.1 products are not available, the key is not workable, press the power button vibrator still not turn on? A: Under normal circumstances the power shortage, recharge in time is ok.
6.2 When the charger is connected , the red LED backlight does not blink? A: Connect the charger correctly , checking and re-pluggable power supplies and DC jack.

7, Femail how to choose their own sex toys?

A: The reference follows
A: The reference follows 1. What is your favorite way to orgasm?  the clitoris or vagina which is easier to orgasm?
2,Whether you know very well about your  physical structure? The vagina capacity, the sensitivity of the clitoris is what, which helps you choose the size of the product or bullet vibrator shock frequency according to a standard.
3. Do you often use female masturbation product? If so, you can choose fashionable and stylish, if not had experience, it started from relatively simple vibrator or bullet vibrator, these toys usually features a simple, easy to operate, suitable for most women to use.

8, several other issues about use of sex toys :

8.Is necessary to use sex toys such as vibrator when you already have harmony sex life with your couple?
A: Studies have shown that the perfect life for gender plays a vital role between lovers, while using a vibrator capable of injecting fun and passion for married life, can promote feelings of fresher, more lasting. Often try some small tricks, will increase the close between you and your lover.
8.2 alone using sex toys like vibrators, really bring excitement ?
A: It can relieve you of sexual tension, under self-control slide in the private parts of the body, and slowly develop their own  sensitive points, more open and more investment, but also know how to achieve orgasm, easy and convenient, safe health is a vital single person small lovers.
8.3 Vibrator only for a single person to use it?
A: Not so! Vibrator may own use, also can be used with a partner, just like a double game toy, use your imagination, let the vibrator as I used to achieve the best effect of pleasure.
8.4 How many people use?
A: After investigation, 86% of Chinese women are not satisfied with their sex life, because the fast-paced life, work pressure, people easily tired. more than a quarter of people have a vibrator or massager, it is not only  the catalytic converter of sex, it is private arms to increase  sex satisfaction .
8.5 My husband and I are interested in vibrator product, but we do not know about this product very well, the vibrator can help us?
A: Studies have shown that: the climax of female physiological slower than men, and therefore need the perfect foreplay to pave the way, it not only for sex preheat temperature rise, it is a pleasure to each other to exchange process. Leten Classic series believe will inject your foreplay unique experience.
8.6 I would like to try the vibration, but I'm worried boyfriend feel too open or he can not met with me
A: The study found that the vast majority of the man that had use the vibrator ,they like the experience, Its really should've started. You may wish to communicate properly with the lovers, share your concerns, and then jointly select a suitable vibrator , Believe me, when he gives you a different experience, he will be satisfied, but also make your relationship further.
8.7 I am a boy, i want to try some vibrator with my girlfriend, she will mind this?
A: From a global perspective, vibrator well into the young couple's bedroom, become a part of life between partners than indispensable. He can effectively "help" make foreplay more perfect, make sex more passion. If she has a perception of you, it can only be "wow, you are more powerful!"